Aluminum domes could be equipped with a fix and sliding support with PTFE pad for reducing forces on the top of the tank. Structure reaction forces at the base supports of the dome roofs are minimal due to design criteria. Another key benefit of the dome roofs is maximum weather-tightness. Dome roofs not only reduce vapor losses in EFR for light products, also improve emissions versus cone roofs in case of elimination of IFR column penetrations. The method of lifting dome roofs changes by the method of erection, jacking method (inside assemble), crane method (outside assemble). The standard design of the dome roofs may include the following features: - Free vented design which is the design of dome roof generally - Gauge hatch - Access, manway - Center free vent - Skylight - Bird screen

ALUMINUM DOME ROOF is the most lightweight economical covering solution for covering storage tank roofs. The light and strong structure with excellent corrosion resistance, low lifetime maintenance cost, clear-span capability, fast and low-cost construction, and design flexibility are some of the main reasons makes it suitable for covering storage tanks. Structure reaction forces at the base supports of the dome roofs are minimum Since dome roofs are entirely self-supporting. Our engineering design team provides the most cost-effective solution by paying attention to details in critical locations (wind, snow, live and seismic loads) during the engineering phase to provide superior protection for your stored product. We design our aluminum domes fully compliant with API 650, and in case of clients request the design could be based on EN 1991 and EN 1999.