Hydraulic Tank Jacking

1. Jacks must not exceed working capacity at any time 2. Ratio Tank Diameter (Ø) VS Tank Height (H)Max applicable tank height using lifting jacks is 25 m For Ø ≥ H. Use jacking system with appropriate number of jacks For H ≤ Ø ≤ 2 H. Lifting Jacks can be used ONLY with written authorization from M/s Orione Hydropower. Tech Support: For H ˃2 Ø. Unsafe. Never lift a tank 3. Number of jacks/trestles calculation a. A = W x WLF / ῼ W: Tank lifting weight in metric tons not considering bottom ring and annular plate WLF: Wind load factor use 1.20 for max speed of 57.6 km/hr. ῼ: Jack rated working capacity (eg. use 12 for OTJ 12)

b. B = π x Ø / 3.50 Ø: Tank diameter in meters Max arc spacing: 3.50 m c. C = Select the greatest value between A and B d. D (Jacks Spacing) = π x Ø / C e. If D ≥ 1.80 then C is the number of jacks required f. If D < 1.80 redo the calculation using a higher rated jack Note: Tanks with permanent column roof support need two additional jacks/trestle per column 4. Arc distance between jacks MUST NOT exceed 3.50 m 5. Wind speed when lifting MUST NOT exceed 57.6 km/hr (16 m/s) 6. Max shell ring height depends of selected trestle: 2.5 m or 3.0 m 7. Min shell ring height: 1.80 m. If first shell ring sits on annular plate 8. Min shell ring height: 1.00 m. If shell ring sits on beam spacers of0.80 m 9. Plate thickness less than 6.00 mm: Use special reinforcement 10. Jacking system CANNOT be removed during tank erection.Remove ONLY after the tank is fully lifted and bottoring has been welded to the annular plate