Internal Floating Roof

Internal Floating Roof is a system designed to float on the stored product functioning as vapor barrier according to API 650, Appendix H. IFR manufacture in two difference materials aluminum alloys and stainless steel. IFR has various designs, float and full contact types with standard and special design of accessories based on customer request. The float types are divided into three categories: Robust, Ultimate & P500, P750 The full contact types: Open Deck, Hexcore The most cost-effective type of the IFR is the pontoon type due to its easy assemble and installation at site without welding process.

One of the advantages of Internal floating roofs is to be design as cable suspended for both cone roof and dome roof tanks. The system allows roof height to be adjust with no leg support under the roof. IFRs standard accessories includes: Manway, Access Ladder, Ladder platform Gauging Funnel Grounding cables Simple Double Polyethylene Foam Seal Anti – Rotation system Fixed and adjustable Legs Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vent Deck Drain IFR HexCore type design as honeycomb modular panel for the purpose of reducing more than 99% of vapor of the stored products. The Open Deck Internal Floating Roofs manufacture in either aluminum or stainless steel. The purpose of open structural design ensures that product vapors or liquid cannot leak into or be trapped in buoyancy chambers.