Metal expansion Joint

What are accordion fittings?

Expansion Joint

In order to absorb the movements and not transfer them to existing devices and pipelines, flexible connections are used.

Withstand high temperatures and pressures

Absorption of axial, lateral and angular movements

Different piping and ducting systems are available in different industries.

Accordion joints have been used in industries such as water, oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, steel industries, steel complexes, air conditioning systems, and more.

Expansion joints or rubber interfaces with high tensile strength properties in factories and assemblies where high-vibration high-pressure systems are used to pump a variety of fluids such as water, air or any fluid.

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Accordion connection

Accordion connection Accordion fittings In order to eliminate unwanted movements and stresses caused by fluid flow, temperature changes or pressure in pipeline pipelines, piping systems and ducts, accordion fittings are used, to dissipate unwanted vibrations caused by dynamic equipment (pumps, compressors). , Fan, turbine, etc.) are also applications of accordion connections.