Rubber expansion joint

What is a Rubber expansion joint?


Vibration damper is a tool to prevent vibration and unwanted vibrations on pipelines.


Some types of vibrators are very simple and are just a piece of rubber or so-called rubber.


This type is used to install the bases of motors, centrifuges, mechanical equipment of the production line, even printing presses.


Some are more complex and different models are made with high pressure tolerance or high tolerance for heavy vibrations.


These devices are usually more commonly used for gas and oil pipelines.


Of course, water pipelines on which high-pressure pumps are installed are also used.


This device reduces various fluid shocks on the pipe and especially the fittings installed on them.


This device eliminates blows known as ram blows.


Atama Company; Manufacturer of all kinds of geostatic vibrators, restrained geostatic vibrators, accordion vibrators, fabric vibrators, flexible hoses


Advantages of rubber shock absorbers:


Resistance to continuous cycles in terms of fatigue and failure resistance and non-wear against vibration Reversibility against deformation and deformation Resistance to electrical stress High flexibility against impact and shock Displacement and high flexibility at short distances Simultaneous axial movements and Side no need for internal guide (in Filled Arc connections) Ability to absorb sound No need for washers and seals Reduce heat loss Ability to deform with low force and naturally apply low force to low weight equipment and ease of installation and replacement


Rubber shock absorbers are produced with different materials (compounds) for different working conditions (temperature, fluid and environmental conditions), the specifications of each type are described in detail in the relevant catalog.


To see the price list of rubber shock absorbers, refer to this section


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