Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber anti-vibration fittings are used to absorb any vibration, vibration and unwanted movement in piping piping systems and pipeline pipelines. Click on the image on the right to view the catalog of rubber shock absorbers

Metal Expansion joint

In order to eliminate unwanted movements and stresses caused by fluid flow, temperature changes or pressure in pipeline pipelines, piping systems and ducts, accordion connections are used, depreciation of unwanted vibrations caused by dynamic equipment (pump, compressor, fan). , Turbines, etc.) are also applications of accordion connections. To view the catalog, right-click on the image.

Flexible metal hose

Today, the use of flexible hoses in industry has expanded and due to special advantages such as low cost, high flexibility, ability to withstand fluids and diverse environmental conditions, a significant range of demand in the oil industry, oil and gas refineries, centers Petrochemical, chemical industry, power plant and steel industry, etc. to view the catalog, right-click on the image

Flexible composite hose


Fabric Expansion joint

Flexible fabric fittings are used to absorb vibration and absorb unwanted movements due to thermal expansion and contraction in ducts and exhausts that carry gaseous fluids such as hot air or combustion gases. Due to the special advantages of fabric fittings. Refractory use and replacement are now rapidly expanding in the cement, power plant, steel, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical centers, chemical industries, recycling plants, etc. Click on the image to view the catalog

Flexible rubber hose

Layer 27

Mechanical,Tube,Foam Seal

Mechanical seals use a heavy metal shoe that is attached to the tank wall by a flexible cover. This flexible cover is attached to the floating roof on one side and to the shoe on the other side to prevent steam from escaping from the surface. It floats under the roof and on the other hand prevents liquid from entering from above.